The Sunfly Showcase

The Showcase touchscreen system features the entire Sunfly Karaoke catalogue. The standard system carries over 18,000 HD videos. International songs can also be added.

Customers can select tracks with ease thanks to the intuitive user interface and the professional 17” touchscreen, which is designed to handle robust use.

Tablets can be added when larger groups are partying. These enable users to search and place requests from anywhere within the venue.


  • A modern, high-quality karaoke experience featuring Sunfly’s audio and HD Videos
  • Specially curated ‘Suggestions’ lists show genres, languages and playlists
  • Upload your own logo and promotional images/videos or choose from our pre-designed selection
  • Optional Times Session function. Set the system to close down after a ‘paid for’ session
  • Singers can create and save their own playlists which can remain on the system
  • Adjustable key and tempo.

New Release Updates and Support

New tracks and software updates are available weekly and added remotely

The Sunfly Showcase system has full first line IT support

All content is fully legally licensed, ensuring your venue is compliant with music licensing regulations

System Weight and Dimensions; 6.9kg   41cm(L)  x 20cm(W) x 48cm(H)

Touchscreen Weight and Dimensions; 7.8kg   50 cm  x  50cm   x  25cm

Take a look inside


Happy users

Sunfly is renowned for having the best content in the world. Your customers will not be disappointed with the huge song selection.

Value for venues

Our installation experts can tailor the Showcase system to fit each venue’s unique space.

Robust and reliable

The system is 100% reliable. Software and songs are preloaded. Telephone and online support as standard.

Financial flexibility

Lease, rental and purchase options are available from as little as £80 + VAT per month

Showcase Additional Services

We can recommend and source mixers, amplifiers and wireless microphone systems

Add a screensaver with your logo, news bulletins and digital signage for promotions

Add your own karaoke videos, original music, games, apps and original music videos

Free access to Sunfly’s own online karaoke book for browsing and requesting songs