Sunfly Media and Content Licensing

Media Licensing

Sunfly has licensed soundtracks for hundreds of TV, film, advertising campaigns, theatre productions, radio shows and corporate videos. User-generated videos on YouTube and Facebook have also featured our soundtracks. We provide a straightforward service, offering affordable top-quality covers including music from across the globe including Spanish, Bollywood (Hindi), Italian, German, Russian, Dutch and Chinese.

All tracks are produced in professional recording studios ‘in the style of’ the original song. We can supply cues, stings or full-length versions, without or with vocals.

Production/Library Music

With a network of producers and studios around the world, Sunfly can also produce commissioned and bespoke music to a brief. We also have hundreds of ready-made library music cues.

Catalogue Licensing

We license whole or part catalogues for use on services, apps and platforms. Including an extensive international language catalogue.

Background Music for Supermarkets / Hotels / Restaurants and more

Sunfly is also able to supply entire catalogues and playlists for background music usage.

Contact our licensing team to discuss our affordable monthly packages.

Some of our happy customers

Media Licensing Rates


LengthUK OnlyWorldwide/All Media
< 30 seconds£75£300
> 30 seconds£250£575

Retail Sales / In Store usage / Digital Music Stores sales

LengthUp to 500 storesOver 500 stores
< 30 seconds£50£150
> 30 seconds£100£500

Film (Budget <£3m)

LengthUK OnlyWorldwide/All Media
< 30 seconds£250£750
> 30 seconds£500£1,000

Corporate Video

LengthInternal (intranet only)All Media
< 30 seconds£300£750
> 30 seconds£500£1,000

Film (Budget £3m+)

LengthUK OnlyWorldwide/All Media
< 30 seconds£1,000£2,500
> 30 seconds£2,000£5,000

Educational Video

LengthOnlineAll Media
< 30 seconds£50£100
> 30 seconds£75£150


LengthTV/SponsorshipOnlineRadioAll Media
< 30 seconds£300£200£100£500
> 30 seconds£750£400£200£1,250

Podcast / Online / YouTube

< 30 seconds£100
> 30 seconds£250

CD or DVD Disc Pressing

Per SongWorldwide
up to 50,000 copies£500

All prices are exclusive of VAT
All Terms of Usage are ‘In Perpetuity’
We also offer bespoke quotes for usage not listed above.